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    Sri A.S.N.M. Govt. College (A), Palakol - 534260 West Godavari (Dt.),

    Andhra Pradesh 9052038569,

In colleges, the library occupies a prominent position and it is an important and integral part of the teaching programme. It is not merely a depository of books, but an active workshop instrument in the production of original thinking. The aim of college education and college libraries in inter-related. College library extends opportunities for self-education to the deserving and enthusiastic students without any distinction. Students are developed a sense of responsibility in the pursuit of knowledge. College library stimulates the students to obtain, evaluate and recognize knowledge and to familiarize themselves with the trends of knowledge for further education and learning new disciplines. The General Library shall be under the supervision of the Librarian of the College.
* The Library shall be opened to the borrowers on all working days from  8.00 A.M. to 6.00 P.M. On holidays from 8.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M.
* The entry of a reader desirous of using the library books shall be taken as an acknowledgement that the person agrees to conform to the rules of the library.
* It is necessary to maintain an atmosphere of quite and dignity inside the library as it is a place of individual study. Members are therefore reminded that conversation or consultation among themselves inside the library be strictly avoided.
* Unauthorized removal of books or other property from the library will be dealt with very severely.


There is a separate Text book section names ‘BOOK BANK’ established with the assistance of the Books published by the Telugu Academy are available in the Book Bank for issue to SC and ST degree students on long term loan basis. Each student will be given three books at a time.The students can keep the book for a period of 15 days same will be renewed for a further period in case the book is not required by others. Rules pertaining to the general library with regard to the maintenance of books etc., are also applicable to the books issued from the Book Bank. Application for borrowing books from the Book Bank should be made in the following pro-forma.


1. Name of the student :
2. Class and Roll No :
3. Title of books required :
 (in the order of preference)
4. Details of the book already
    borrowed from the general
     or sectional library :
           I will abide by the rules and regulations that are in force and also those  that will be drawn up from time to time. I undertake to replace the book at my  own cost in case it is lost or damaged.
                                                                                                                                               Signature of the Student.

Name and Designation of the Protector
Recommendation of the protector.


* Library books are for the benefit of not only to the present but also to the  future generation of the students and should therefore be handled with utmost care.
* The borrowers are prohibited from passing of books issued to them to one other.
* All the books taken out must be used very carefully and no marking or underscoring should be made, books so disfigured or mutilated will have to be replaced by the user concerned.
* Reader shall be held responsible for any damage done to the books or other property belonging to the library and shall be required to replace such books or other property damaged or pay the value there of. If one of the set is damaged the whole set shall be replaced.
* Reference books will be consulted with in the library room by the staff.


* Popular deilies, weeklies and monthlies are placed in the reading room for the use of students and staff during their leisure time.
* Strict silence and discipline should be observed in the reading room.
* Journals and Magazines placed on the reading room racks should not be misplaed.


Digital Library was setup in the college to enhance knowledge of a students by enabling them to read the e-sources. Along with digital library every student has given a N-LIST Subscription (National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content).The Project entitled “National Library and Information Services Infrasture for Scholarly,being jointly executed by the e-ShodhSindhu Consortium, INFLIBNET Centre and the INDEST-AICTE Consortium, IIT Delhi provides for i) cross-subscription to e-resources subscribed by the two Consortia, i.e. subscription to INDEST-AICTE resources for universities and e-ShodhSindhu resources for technical institutions; and ii) access to selected e-resources to colleges. The N-LIST project provides access to e-resources to students, researchers and faculty from colleges and other beneficiary institutions through server(s) installed at the INFLIBNET Centre.The authorized users from colleges can now access e-resources and download articles required by them directly from the publisher's website oncethey are duly authenticated as authorized users through servers deployed at the INFLIBNET Centre. Every student is provided 100mbps internet service.

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