SRI T. KRISHNA, Library In-Charge & Lecturer in Political Science
SRI.V.CHALLA RAMESH VEERA, Guest Lecturer in Dept of Library                           

About Library

The Library of Sri A.S.N.M College is equipped to meet essential academic and intellectual needs of its users. It is spacious, spread on One floors and has been renovated to make it more user friendly. Open access system, Spacious reading rooms provide an atmosphere conducive to study.

It is well stocked and collection consists of more than 31000 books. Collection is continuously updated with changes in curriculum. It subscribes many newspapers and magazines.

It is member of N-LIST (a programme of INFLIBNET) to provide remote access to users to huge number of e-resource. Library is enabled for internet connectivity. Many CD’s and DVD’s are also available in library collection.

Library Books   


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E-News Papers 

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Autdited income /expenditure statement highliting -books and journals-4.2.3(3)

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Five days for Online Access-4.2.4(2)

Libraru UC data 2017-18 to 2021-22