Vision and Mission


“Emphasizing the importance of a flexible and multidisciplinary curriculum that prefers the students for the 21st century and promotes the students for the 21st Century and promotes the use of experiential and hands-on-learning methods to engage students and develop critical, creative and problem solving skills to combat the competitive academic environment”



  • To give equal emphasis on all subjects- Science, Social sciences, mathematics, Arts, languages, sports – with integration of vocational and skill Development in National Curricular Frame Work
  • To promote knowledge and value based education through academic excellence and mould the students into good citizens of society. 
  • To make the students realize their potential and bring out the innate skills of creativity and leadership.
  • To promote academic exchange and strengthen academic – industry interfacing exploring technology available to develop self- reliant individuals.
  • Relentlessly pursue institutional effectiveness through Quality Assurance System